The US and Afghanistan may reach an agreement that will allow US troops to stay in Afghanistan until 2024.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that by signing a strategic pact, the US military trainers will not only help build up the Afghan Army but also allow the US to retain its presence close to Pakistan, Iran and China.

According to Afghan and US officials, the pact is expected to be signed before the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan in December this year.

Afghanistan’s top security adviser Rangin Dadfar Spanta said the extension would not only build Afghan forces but also help the nation to fight terrorism.

“We know we will be confronted with international terrorists. 2014 is not the end of international terrorist networks and we have a common commitment to fight them. For this purpose also, the US needs facilities,” he added.

The US troop withdrawal has already begun in a move to hand over security control to Kabul by the end of 2014.