The Indian Army will conduct flight tests of Agni I and Agni II in the next 45 days from the launching complex IV of the integrated test range (ITR) on Wheeler’s Island, off the Dhamra coast, Orissa, India.

The 700km range Agni I missile is planned to be tested in the third week of September, while the 2,000km range Agni II will be tested in the last week of August.

The tests have been aimed to determine the performance and effectiveness of the weapons in real time conditions and to allow military personnel to explore the capabilities of the weapon.

The Strategic Forces Command (SFC) will launch the missiles with logistic support from the defence research development organisation (DRDO), according to

The 12 ton Agni I missile is powered by both solid and liquid propellants and can carry both conventional and nuclear payloads.

The 21m-long two staged solid propelled Agni II weighs 17 tons and is considered a key weapon system of the country’s nuclear deterrence doctrine.