The US Army joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV), is all set to enter into formal production after refining its requirements during a two-year technology development (TD) phase.

US Army sustainment systems director Tim Goddette said the TD phase aimed to demonstrate the JLTV’s ability to meet the designated capability gaps and to identify areas of needed development.

The 27-month TD phase included testing of prototype vehicles from three teams that include BAE-Navistar, Lockheed-BAE and General Tactical Vehicles (General Dynamics and AM General).

The next-generation light vehicle is designed to provide unmatched levels of protection, payload and performance to soldiers.

The vehicle will be capable of performing a broad range of missions and roles, which Humvees are currently unable to do.

The JLTV features off-road ability, blast-protection and on-board electronics and will be produced in two variants, combat tactical vehicle and combat support vehicle.