The British Army will face thousands of job losses in addition to the 7,000 redundancies already announced as part of the ‘UK Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010’.

According to a memo by British Army head General Sir Peter Wall, an extra 5,000 soldiers will lose their jobs.

The Daily Telegraph quoted the general as saying, “Although the detailed planning is not yet complete we must assume that these reductions will require the further removal of formed battalions and regiments from the force structure, including the combat arm.”

The general’s letter seemed contrary to UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s announcement of last week, according to which, army personnel will be reduced to about 82,000, but not until 2020.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman added, “No one who is preparing for or is deployed on operations will be made redundant unless they volunteer. Only those who have returned from operations and have taken all their leave will be considered.”