The US Defense Department (Dod) has released its first strategy for operating in cyberspace to protect the nation from potentially devastating network attacks, Deputy Defense Secretary William J Lynn III has said.

An important element of the strategy is to minimise the impact of attacks on operations or deny access by changing the decision calculus of an attacker.

Other elements of the strategy include treating cyberspace as an operational domain, introduce new operating concepts on department networks and to protect critical national infrastructure.

Building collective cyber defences with allies and international partners and shifting the technological landscape of cyber security also form the pillars of the strategy.

US defence and network operations were centralised with the effective operation of the cybercommand in May 2010.

The US has partnered with Australia, Canada, the UK and NATO, and the US DoD is also working with private industry and the rest of government to make critical infrastructure more secure.

The US DoD is also helping Homeland Security to deploy advanced defensive technologies on government networks.