Raytheon BBN Technologies has received additional US Department of Defense funding to develop architectures, protocols, and network devices that will improve network capabilities and integrity for tactical military units.

The $16m funding was awarded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under phase two of the military networking protocol (MNP) programme.

The MNP programme is intended to securing the use of the military network, which is limited to authorised users, and to de-anonymise network traffic.

The ability to identify individual aspects of network traffic will allow the user to adapt to constantly changing tactical situations for quick delivery of mission-critical information.

Raytheon BBN Technologies MNP programme principal investigator Gregory Troxel said, “When complete, it will play a critical role in 21st-century military operations by providing warfighters with information and network-security superiority on the battlefield.”

The BBN team developed and successfully demonstrated the network technology in a test environment using 200 network devices at a data transmission speed of 100Mbps in the previous phase of the programme.