The Indian Army is set to place orders for additional Arjun main battle tanks (MBT) mkII version, Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment director P Sivakumar has said.

“We are definitely expecting more orders, at least a minimum of 248 tanks of the mkII version. The ordnance factory board has been instructed by the ministry of defence to initiate action for the procurement of the mkII version,” he added.

The mkII version is currently undergoing critical summer trials, while winter trials are expected to take place later in the year.

The tank will undergo testing for a further 40 technological improvements, including a new transmission control system and new fuel tanks.

The order could be placed in late-2011 and production is expected to be performed at the heavy vehicles factory in Chennai, India.

The army has placed an order for 248 tanks of the mkI and mkII versions to date, according to the Economic Times.