India will flight-test a new short-range tactical surface-to-surface missile, Prahaar (which means to strike), for the first time on 17 July 2011.

Defence Research and Development Organisation director general and scientific adviser to the defence minister VK Saraswat said the 150km-range missile would replace unguided rockets.

“It would bridge the gap between Pinaka, a 40km range multibarrel rocket system, and the 350km Prithvi-II, which had been converted into a strategic missile,” he added.

The missile would be equipped with omni-directional warheads for destroying both tactical and strategic targets, while the road-mobile system could be pulled out for quick deployment with each launcher carrying six missiles.

The missile would be initially inducted with the Indian Army and later on with the other armed services.

India will also flight-test its longest range surface-to-surface Agni-V missile by the end of the year as scheduled.