GE Intelligent Platforms has been selected by Brimar to provide embedded computing that will provide situational awareness information to crews of the British Army Foxhound light protected patrol vehicle (LPPV).

The GE CR12 single-board computer is a rugged 6U CompactPCI single board computer equipped with an Intel Core i7-610E processor that can operate as fast as 2.53GHz.

The CR12 6U CompactPCI single board computers for an intelligent display driver will provide intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) systems on the Foxhound vehicle-mounted cameras to transfer video information to the crew.

The video system is part of the Foxhound electronic architecture, which is provided by Thales Group.

Brimar is manufacturing 200 Foxhound vehicles for the UK Ministry of Defence to meet an urgent requirement in Afghanistan.

The 7.5t vehicle is based on the Ocelot vehicle, which is being developed by Force Protection Europe and Ricardo, England.