Elbit Systems subsidiary Elisra Electronic Systems has been awarded a contract to supply hundreds of AN/PRC-684 personal locator beacon (PLB) units (formerly SPLB) to the French Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The PLBS will be used for non-combat search and rescue (SAR) missions and will be supplied to the French Army, Navy, Air Force and DGA (direction générale de l’armement).

The AN/PRC-684 PLBS is equipped with an integral voice transceiver that features multichannel VHF/UHF capabilities, an advanced over-the-horizon Cospas-Sarsat PLB for non-combat SAR missions.

The units will be carried in aircrew emergency vests for automatic activation upon bailout.

The two-year, €5m contract follows a tender issued by the MoD for SAR beacons.