Ni Industries, a subsidiary of TriMas, has signed an advanced manufacturing development agreement with Solidica to set up a pilot manufacturing line for Solidica’s lightweight armour, DuraTi.

Developed for military / defence and security applications, DuraTi armour minimises the weight of select ballistic applications by approximately 25% and is suitable for conventional and new platforms.

According to Solidica, the targeted platforms consists of the HMMWV recapitalisation effort, as well as a variety of conventional light and medium armoured platforms, military personnel transports, and next-generation light tactical vehicles.

NI Industries vice-president and general manager Anil Shanbhag said the partnership would help advance DuraTi production capability so that they can meet the growing demand for lightweight armour alternatives necessary for enhanced survivability and increased platform mobility.

The new armour has been developed for the last five years and is expected to replace conventional metal armour.