World Surveillance (WSGI) will test its unmanned aerial vehicle, Argus One UAV, from 11 to 22 July at the US Army’s proving ground facility in Yuma, Arizona, US, following approval from the Department of Defense.

The flight tests, which will include a series of tests ranging from ground-based tactical launch scenarios to free flight and tethered operations, will evaluate the effectiveness and capabilities of the payload package systems onboard the vehicle.

Funded by Space Florida, the tests will also evaluate and test alternative payloads and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) packages for various mission applications.

The Argus One is a new mid-altitude (10,000ft to 20,000ft) LTA UAV designed to meet certain requirements for ISR applications for US military and other governmental agencies.

Argus One can fly over areas of interest for extended durations carrying various payloads and can stay on station with its module designed body, propulsion system and sensor operated rigidity stabilisation system, even in inclement weather.