The US Army’s 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade has been deployed with the first Prophet Enhanced system (programme of record version) in a move to boost ground signals intelligence platform.

Prophet Enhanced is the army’s premier ground signals intelligence (SIGINT) platform, which is based on the earlier versions that include Prophet Spiral 1, Triton III and a quick reaction capability (QRC).

About eight systems have been fielded to enhance the ability to perform ground signals intelligence missions and provide situational awareness to joint forces and commanders.

Prophet Enhanced is equipped with the latest SIGINT enterprise software tools and has been installed onto Panther variants of the mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles.

504th BSB SIGINT advisor chief warrant officer 2 Shane Harman said, “The new Prophet Enhanced gives our forces a more robust operational capability as it allows for easier movement of the dismount system.”

Panther is a large six-wheeled, V-hulled vehicle that protects troops from improvised explosive devices and provides increased operating space.