Brahmos Aerospace, a Russian-Indian joint venture, will begin work on a new Brahmos-2 hypersonic missile this year, Brahmos Aerospace Director Alexander Maksichev has said.

The JV director also said that testing of the airborne Brahmos missiles will begin next year.

“We expect to be able to start the tests of Brahmos missiles launched from aircraft. Various types of aircraft, including Su-30 MKI fighters, are expected to be armed with these missiles,” he added.

The joint venture is currently developing supersonic cruise missiles based on the Russian NPO Mashinostroyenie 3M55 Yakhont (SS-N-26).

The Brahmos missile has a range of 290km, can carry a conventional warhead of up to 300kg and has a speed of Mach 2.8, according to RIA Novosti.

The Indian Army has already deployed sea and ground-launched versions of the missile following successful tests.