Oshkosh Defence has been awarded a $252m contract by the US Army Tacom for new and recapitalised heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (HEMTT) A4s and new heavy equipment transporter (HET) A1s.

The company will deliver more than 730 trucks from the US Army family of heavy tactical vehicles (FHTV).

Oshkosh recapitalises and remanufactures vehicles for the US military as part of the company’s extensive lifecycle support and aftermarket services programme, aiming to equip soldiers with the latest vehicle safety, survivability and mobility technologies.

The HEMTT A4 is the army’s logistics and resupply fleet, while the HET is designed to transport battle tanks, fighting and recovery vehicles, armoured vehicles and construction equipment, as well as their crews.

The HET A1 configuration includes increased horsepower, a six-person armour ready cab, higher capacity front suspension, electrical upgrades, and improved diagnostics and standard air conditioning.

Production is expected to begin in April 2012 and will be complete by September 2012.