The UK is developing a cyber-weapons programme that will help its military to gain a new range of offensive options and capabilities required to counter the increasing cyberspace threats to national security.

UK Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey said the cyber-weapons would form an integral part of the country’s armoury.

“Action in cyberspace will form part of the future battlefield. We need a toolbox of capabilities and that’s what we are currently developing,” the Guardian quoted Harvey as saying.

The minister also added that the cyber-weapons would be governed by the same rules that apply to the deployment of other military assets, such as the special forces.

The Cabinet Office and the Cyber Security Operations Centre will take the lead on the programme with inputs from the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

The UK Government’s strategic defence and security review (SDSR), which was published last year, also emphasised cyber-security as a top priority in the national security strategy, with the allocation of an extra £650m.