Atk has received new 25mm M792 high-explosive incendiary round with Tracer (HEI-T) tactical ammunition contracts from a mix of US allies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The 25mm M792 HEI-T rounds are built with a M758 point detonating self-destruct fuse for use in ATK’s M242 Bushmaster chain gun.

The M792 round provides the accuracy and lethality required for light materiel, anti-personnel, and fire suppression roles.

The M758 provides improved arming delay, graze, range sensitivity and self-destruct than the existing medium-calibre fuses.

Production of the Nato-certified rounds will take place at the company’s facilities in Radford, Virginia, and Rocket Center, West Virginia, US.

Deliveries under the $13.4m contract will begin in March 2012.