General Dynamics (GD) Ordnance and Tactical Systems (OTS) has successfully tested a tactical version of the 120mm roll control guided mortar (RCGM) at Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, US.

The demonstration included the use of live, tactical 120mm RCGM rounds, which hit their targets within 10m at ranges of 1,000m-5,000m.

The test demonstrated RCGM’s capability in height-of-burst, point detonation and delay fuse modes, as well its ability to perform in all weather conditions.

GDOTS president Michael S Wilson said the test had proved the accuracy, fuse reliability and enhanced lethality of the system.

The 120mm RCGM is a low-cost, guided mortar that offers precision-strike capability using standard M934A1 mortar components, GPS guidance, M734A1 fuse components and patented roll-controlled fix canard (RCFC) technology.