The German Federal Agency for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) has awarded two contracts to Rheinmetall to supply innovative force protection technology to German troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Under the €24m contracts, the company will modernise four Buffalo armoured recovery vehicles and provide a reliable, high-tech system for detecting mines and traps buried on the roadside.

The modernisation of the Buffalo involves optimisation of ballistic protection, reinforce additional anti-mine protection on the hull floor, improvement of vehicle’s C4I systems and ergonomics and equipping the vehicle’s flanks with special protection elements.

The upgrades will provide German troops with effective protection against ballistic threats, landmines and improvised explosive devices.

The high-tech system will enhance the protection and security of frequently travelled routes and enable soldiers to remain in protected vehicles outside the danger zone.

The company will deliver seven high-tech systems as part of the German route clearing package (GRCP) by the end of 2011.