Paramount Group will be showcasing its two advanced armoured vehicles, Marauder and Maverick, at the LAAD 2011 global defence conference to be held from 12-15 April in Rio de Janeiro.

Paramount Group CEO John Craig said the display was part of the company’s plans to expand in the South American region, which has increased defence spending and plans of modernising its forces.

The vehicles provide superior levels of ballistic and mine blast protection.

Marauder is designed to carry a crew of ten fully equipped personnel and can be configured as a wheeled troop carrier or a combat vehicle by the addition of a range of turret-mounted weaponry.

Maverick is a highly versatile vehicle designed for use by internal security and police forces and provides interior space for security equipment, such as anti-riot gear, surveillance equipment, water cannons, ramps for SWAT teams and bomb disposal robots.

The vehicle provides optimal situational awareness and protection from projectiles and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).