DRS Technologies has been issued a follow-on order by Raytheon Network Centric Systems to provide long-range advanced scout surveillance system (LRAS3) subassemblies.

Under the $20.5m order, the company will provide LRAS3 subassemblies that include integrated optical benches (IOBs), telescope / afocals, vehicle-mounted yokes (VMYs), and stovepipes.

LRAS3 is a multisensor infrared system that enables real-time detection, recognition, identification and geo-location of distant targets and is used on Stryker and HMMWV platforms for performing reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

The system enables the warfighter to observe and report enemy activity while remaining away from enemy acquisition and fire ranges.

Work will be carried out at the company’s facilities in Melbourne and Florida, US, with deliveries to continue through September 2011.