The British Army has released details of the first tranche of its redundancy programmes along with specific trades and branches and the number being sought from each area of its personnel.

The redundancy programme follows a UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announcement confirming the reduction of army personnel by 7,000 in the wake of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) last year.

According to the SDSR, each service will run a number of redundancy tranches over the next four years with reductions planned to be fully achieved by April 2015.

The Army has identified 150 redundancy fields and for the first tranche, there will be approximately 1,000 redundancies, half of which are expected to be volunteers.

About 25% of those being made redundant will be officers, but personnel with less than eight years’ experience will not be made redundant.

UK Armed Forces Minister, Nick Harvey, said the Army personnel will be informed through their chain of command regarding redundancy in the first tranche in September 2011.

The MoD will also ensure that personnel are fully prepared and supported for their transition.