The US Army Joint Attack Munition Systems (JAMS) Project Office and Lockheed Martin have successfully fired a multipurpose AGM 114R Hellfire II Romeo missile from Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, US.

The next-generation precision missile was fired with a live warhead in a lock-on-after-launch mode, which penetrated a brick-over-block target and detonated with the specified fuse delay.

The new Romeo’s multipurpose warhead with a designator spot laser enables the missile to seek out and successfully defeat hard, soft and enclosed targets.

The multimission and multitarget capability Romeo integrates with all Hellfire II-compatible platforms that include the Apache, Kiowa Warrior, COBRA and Seahawk, as well as the Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter.

Hellfire is the primary air-to-ground missile system for the US Armed Forces and many allied nations.

The initial fielding of Romeo is scheduled for late 2012.