UK soldiers from the 1st Battalion, the Royal Anglian Regiment in Kenya, are currently training on a new battle simulation technology, the deployable tactical engagement simulation (DTES) system.

The DTES system provides extraordinary realism to the training, simulating almost every aspect of the battlefield and allows troops to hone fighting skills and tactical awareness.

The new system comprises a satellite-tracked vest, a halo that straps onto the helmet and a small arms transmitter (SAT) attached to the rifle barrel.

The system allows the troops to target a mock enemy without the fear of injuring them and transfers all information through five radio masts to a command post.

The information is then combined into a batch of analytical tools and tables which allow the commanders to better analyse the battle situation and strategy.

British Army battlegroup logistics officer Captain Harry Hinnell said the DTES system was a valuable command tool for the modern generation of soldiers.

Up to 900 soldiers in Kenya have been equipped with the new tool, according to the Eastern Express Daily.