US and allied forces have begun Operation Odyssey Dawn by striking Libya’s air-defence systems with cruise missiles, bombers and fighter jets in a move to enforce UN sanctions over the no-fly zone.

The first phase, which began on 19 March, involved launching 124 missiles against more than 20 Libyan targets and military vehicles. French warplanes began military action, followed by US and UK missiles.

The major targets were Muammar Gaddafi’s SA-5 missiles, with a range of 300km.

The US deployed 19 aircraft to strike targets, including three radar-eluding, bat-winged B-2 bombers that dropped 45 Boeing-made 2,000lb satellite-guided JDAM bombs on air defence sites.

The UK deployed Tornado and BAE Eurofighter Typhoon jets, while the French used Mirage 2000s and Rafales.

Canada is set to deploy six CF-18 fighter jets, while Norway will contribute six F-16s and one P-3 Orion reconnaissance plane.

Denmark has already sent six F-16s to Libya, according to Bloomberg.