Force Protection has delivered two variants of the Ocelot protected light mobility vehicle (PMV-L) to Australia for verification and validation at the Monegeetta Proving Grounds, Victoria, Australia.

The delivery is for the next phase of evaluation for the Australian Land 121 Phase IV production contract.

Force Protection chairman and CEO Michael Moody said the delivery was a significant step in the bidding process.

“We’re very confident our design and manufacturing team have produced the most highly protected and agile vehicle of its size and weight available on today’s market,” he said.

Force’s Ocelot is one of the three companies selected for the programme and if successful in securing the contract, the company will produce 1,300 vehicles worth $A1bn for the Australian Armed Forces.

Ocelot is designed with a V-shape hull to provide top survivability levels to protect crew and mission systems from mine and blast threats.