The US Army has introduced modular, add-on armour capability to its heavy tactical trucks fleet, which includes the new M915-A5 line-haul tractor, palletised load system PLS-A1 and heavy equipment transporter HET-A1.

The modular armour capability, explained as an A-kit plus B-kit solution, will allow quick incorporation of newer, potentially lighter-weight armour composites according to the requirement of the threat environment.

The US Army G-8 director of force development Major General Tom Spoehr said the vehicles will have growth potential as they will be able to accept new armoury as technology progresses.

The add-on armour capability for medium and heavy tactical vehicles is part of the US Army’s long-term armour strategy, which includes plans for the army’s 290,000-vehicle tactical fleet through 2025.

The new armoured trucks are the latest addition to a large modular-armour-equipped TWV fleet of trucks including the new family of medium tactical vehicles and the heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, known as HEMTTs.