PZL-Swidnik, an AgustaWestland company, has delivered four multirole combat versions of the W-3 Sokól, W-3PL Gluszec helicopters, to the Polish Land Forces.

The multirole W-3PL Gluszec helicopters are equipped with a four-axis AFCS, an NVG-compatible cockpit with MFDs, navigation equipment and self-protection systems such as IFF, RWR, IR warning receiver, and chaff and flare dispensers.

The Gluszec helicopters have been modernised with enhanced capabilities to perform missions that include troop transport, combat search and rescue (CSAR) and attack of moving / stationary targets and enemy troops.

The helicopter can transport ten fully equipped troops on folding seats in utility configuration with the troop commanding position equipped with an MFD.

The delivery is part of the contract signed by PZL-Swidnik and the Polish Ministry of Defence in 2006 for four in-service helicopters to be upgraded to the W-3PL standard.

The parties are also discussing a potential order to modernise and upgrade additional W-3 helicopters to the Gluszec standard.