The Indian Army could induct its artillery weaponry this year as it is nearing the completion of trials for ultra-lightweight towed Howitzers.

Indian Army chief General VK Singh said that one particular variety of gun would be inducted this year.

“Various systems are being tried out. A large number of trials are on and we should be able to induct something into the artillery this year,” he said.

The artillery induction will be the first since the infamous Bofors scam in the mid 1980s.

The army plans to buy 145 M-777 guns from the US in a $647m contract that includes laser inertial artillery pointing systems and associated parts, equipment, training and logistical support.

The M-777 is a low-weight firearm weighing less than 4,218kg, and is highly mobile on land, sea and air.

The army is currently using the Swedish .39-calibre 155mm guns.