The US Senate is set to approve the START treaty with Russia, paving way for final approval.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has approved the treaty, but the full Senate will ratify the pact in a final voting session due to take place today.

US Senator Bob Corker confirmed his support on the Senate floor for the new arms reduction treaty by providing the two-third majority needed for ratification.

“There’s nothing that I think most of us care about more than our country being secure,” he stated.

The Russian and US presidents signed the treaty in April, which will come into force only after simultaneous ratification by houses of the Russian Parliament and the US Senate.

Russia will ratify the treaty when it receives final approval from the Senate.

The treaty restricts the nations to have a maximum of 1,550 nuclear warheads, while the number of deployed and non-deployed delivery vehicles must not exceed 800 on either side.

A few US Republicans, however, claim the treaty could impact the modernisation of the US nuclear arsenal.