The Lebanese Army has discovered and dismantled two long-range spy cameras planted by Israel in the country’s mountains outside Beirut.

Military sources have claimed that the devices discovered had features marking them as hidden surveillance instruments.

A long-range spying system was placed to overlook Beirut and the eastern Bekaa Valley, and a second was placed to cover the south-east of the capital.

The high-tech system contained five parts which included an imaging system, an image relay system, a control system and a management system along with energy sources.

The system had a laser feature with a range of 20km and was designed to uncover and locate targets from long distances, and to locate coordinates for ground goals, facilitating strikes on them.

The army said it plans to remove the cameras and has urged citizens to inform authorities about any suspicious objects they find.

Lebanese authorities have dismantled a number of Israeli espionage networks this year.