EOIR Technologies has been awarded a contract to support the US Army Command, Power and Integration (CP&I) Directorate within the Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (Cerdec).

Featuring a one-year base performance period and two option years, the $15m contract requires the company to provide the CP&I Directorate with a comprehensive approach for development, integration, training and transitioning of mission command applications and technologies.

Specifically, the contract will deliver support capabilities that enable units to lessen enemy tactical surprise, respond to tactical and operational challenges on and across the battlefield, and also support the infrastructure without compromising tactical advantages of time, speed and situational acuity.

EOIR Intelligence & Combat Information (ICI) Directorate vice president Ricardo Lorenzo said that the company holds extensive expertise in design and development of technologies that improve situational awareness on the battlefield.

"We look forward to working with the CP&I Directorate to enhance the abilities of lower echelon and tactical units to perform mission command, effectively execute tasks that impact decision making, and better respond to commander’s intent," Lorenzo added.

Logistical, operational, situational and other available data will be used by decision support tools for both individual and collaborative engagements. The tools will also utilise context-specific real-time or near-real-time information to complement agility and flexibility with capabilities that enhance staff expertise and decision making.

The company, a unit of The White Oak Group, is also providing engineering support for the army’s Survivability and Pilotage for Aircraft Degraded Environments project, as part of a $23m warrior enabling broad sensor services (WEBS) contract received earlier this year.

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