Exelis has secured a contract for supply of its i-Aware tactical mobility night vision goggles (TM-NVG) to an undisclosed international customer.

Exelis night vision and tactical communications systems division president Nick Bobay said: ”Our advanced goggle provides this international customer with an increased operational effectiveness using the latest in night vision technology while still providing the ability to build to a system with increased capabilities.”

Designed in collaboration with Selex ES and the Italian Army, i-Aware is an advanced, multi-purpose NVG designed to connect dismounted soldiers to the tactical network, and provide real-time video access to critical tactical intelligence for improved decision-making in the battlefield.

Capable of enhancing operational effectiveness in both night and daytime missions, the goggles offer the same night-vision capabilities in a light-weight binocular as the AN/PVS-14 goggles, but with advanced technical features to augment soldier mobility.

Integrated with the capability to transmit and receive imagery from the soldier’s point of view, the lightweight third-generation device also offers integrated colour video, advanced imagery displays, and shared situational awareness to enhance soldiers’ operational effectiveness in both night and daytime missions.

i-Aware can either be operated independently or as part of a larger network comprising the Exelis SpearNet team member radio. Additional features include video import and export capabilities, GPS viewing, mapping, as well as command text messages.

Deliveries under the contract are scheduled to take place during 2014.

Exelis is also supplying the goggles in support of the Italian Army’s Future Soldier modernisation programme, as part of a contract awarded by Selex ES in April.

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