Australian defence companies have pitched ideas related to network assurance to the Australian Army at the sixth Innovation Day.

The event was held at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra and was attended by officials from the army and Defence Industry Hub.

Australia Defence Industry Minster Melissa Price stated that Army Innovation Day presents an opportunity for companies to propose novel capability options to tackle challenges in the land combat environment.

Melissa Price said: “This year’s theme, network assurance, will ensure the army’s communication networks are more resilient, agile and protected against adversaries.

“Australia’s defence industry is a source of strength for the army. In addition to the companies pitching technology for this year’s exhibition, several companies are also showcasing past Army Innovation Day success stories.

“It is really exciting that some of the new technologies on display today may be trialled by soldiers in the field over the next 12 months.”

The event is a collaborative effort between the army and the Defence Innovation Hub. Around 15 companies were invited to demonstrate the latest technological advancements in network assurance.

The objective is to find solutions capable of advancing ‘army’s network resilience, boost network defences or deceive adversaries about the disposition and characteristics of land networks’.

Submissions for proposals were closed on 9 July.

The respondents are expected to be notified of the outcome on 12 October.

The Department of Defence will sign a contract with selected firms to deliver a demonstrator for user trial and evaluations with the Australian Army.