NDMA and Dutch DMO agree to acquire five Thales GM200 MM/C radars

May 26, 2021 (Last Updated May 26th, 2021 15:59)

NDMA has signed an agreement with the Netherlands DMO for five Thales Ground Master 200 multi-mission compact radars.

NDMA and Dutch DMO agree to acquire five Thales GM200 MM/C radars
Thales Ground Master 200 active electronically scanned array. Credit: Matti Blume.

The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) and the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) have signed a contract to procure five Thales Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact radars (GM200 MM/C).

The government-to-government contract builds on ‘strategic’ bi-lateral defence ties between the two countries.

The GM200 MM family radars protect high-value assets and troops with their abilities to detect ‘smaller, faster, more agile targets’ at longer ranges.

The GM200 MM/C radar variant is designed to meet the needs of modern complex battlefield environments.

It is one of the two versions of GM200 MM family radars. The other version is GM200 MM/A.

GM200 MM/A, the all-in-one version, is suitable for medium-range ground-based air defence and air surveillance.

Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) deputy director-general rear admiral Bjørge Aase said: “This is a very important milestone in the close military cooperation between Norway and the Netherlands.

“This agreement will provide the Norwegian Armed Forces with a new artillery location system with sufficient protection, mobility, range and accuracy to be able to be used in all types of operations both nationally and internationally.”

GM200 MM/C features Thales’ dual-axis multi-beam 4D active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars.

It is suitable for missions such as counter battery and weapon locating that require high tactical mobility and rapid deployment.

The radar can also support short-range air defence (SHORAD) and very short-range air defence (VSHORAD) missions.

Thales Netherlands CEO Gerben Edelijn said: “This is a historic moment on two levels. Firstly, it reinforces the strong bilateral strategic defence cooperation between Norway and the Netherlands.

“Secondly, this contract represents the first NL MOD G2G support to the Dutch defence industry and in particular Thales. We hope this model is the blueprint for more G2G projects in the future.”