The Finnish Ministry of Defence (MoD) has approved the procurement of additional 155mm artillery ammunition parts for the country’s armed forces.

Nammo Lapua, a part of Nordic Ammunition Company Nammo Group, will be responsible for the delivery of 155mm round parts.

The procurement deal is valued at €103m, excluding value-added tax.

According to the Finnish MoD, the 155mm artillery rounds procured under this deal will be added to the Finnish Defence Forces’ existing inventory. 

It is further expected to enhance the ammunition supply security in the country.

The MoD said that the estimated ‘domestic employment effect is 230 person-years’.

Finnish Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen said: “The procurement will be used to expand the existing 155mm artillery round stockpiles of the Finnish Defence Forces and improve the security of supply.

“At the same time, the procurement allows the industry to raise its production capacity of ammunition.”

In November 2020, Nammo Lapua and Nammo Vihtavuori were selected by the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to strengthen the domestic ammunition supply security in the region.

The two companies were selected after receiving approval from the Finnish MoD.

The 2020 deal aimed to improve the readiness and condition of manufacturing ammunition and explosives to support the Finnish Defence Forces.

In September 2022, Finland’s MoD approved the procurement of long-range ammunition from Nammo Lapua. The ammunition will be used with 155mm armoured howitzers and will boost the range of the weapon system.

The MoD recently approved the purchase of additional 155mm Bonus MK II special artillery-launched munitions for the Finnish Defence Forces. The €35m deal was signed with Nexter Munitions.