The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded a £1.1m contract to digital solutions services provider tpgroup for consulting and digital services in support of the £3.2bn Morpheus programme.

The contract is part of the British Army’s wider LE TacCIS (Land Environment Tactical Communications and Information Systems) Programme, aiming to overhaul the army’s communications and information management systems.

tpgroup’s Chief Executive Phil Cartmell said: “This new contract award recognises our portfolio of services across consulting, and software and digital solutions. Combining these together allows us to provide a broad-based support to the MOD across its multi-billion transformation programme.”

The company has been working in support of the projects since 2016, providing the MOD with guidance on ‘requirements capture’ and helping to match needs with emerging technologies.

Tpgroup said it offered ‘well-timed’ support to the Government’s demands for responsive software ‘that can be developed and updated at pace’.

What is Morpheus and LE TacCIS?

The LE TacCIS programme aims to upgrade the UK’s military communications networks and consists of several sub-programmes designed to deliver ‘next generation’ communications for the land domain.

LE TacCIS covers the Bowman ComBAT Infrastructure and Platform (BCIP) 5.6, Morpheus, and several other sub-programmes.

Morpheus is billed as the UK’s first installation of Defence as a Platform (DaaP) for the tactical environment and builds on the current Bowman system.

Morpheus is designed to improve situational awareness at both a soldier and HQ level, increase network bandwidth and resilience to ensure information is delivered where needed, and provide an open architecture so the system is not locked to one prime contractor and can be developed more readily.