Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (MADG) has been contracted to modernise the Nato Deployable Air Command and Control Component’s (DACCC) communications systems.

The contract was awarded by the Nato Communications and Information (NCI) Agency.

MADG Land Systems managing director Ray Cutting said: “We’re proud that the NCI Agency have trusted us to deliver this very important upgrade, building on our long-standing relationship with Nato.

“Nato’s commands are on the front line against physical and cyber-attacks, so we wanted to ensure they could stand ready for critical situations with modernised equipment and secure communication systems.”

The upgrades to be delivered include replacing Nato’s current communications suite with a ‘future-proof’ voice over internet protocol (VoIP) based communication system.

This will transform the way critical mission data from ally nations is transmitted, relayed, and received by Nato’s transportable shelters.

According to MADG, the new solution will make sure that the DACCC continues to support Nato in planning, tasking and execution of all air command and control operations both in its European territory and on deployment.

The new equipment will be installed and tested over the next few months.

Cutting added: “We have developed this solution to ensure that crucial data and information can be securely transmitted between allies in a quicker, safer and more cost-effective way, a great example of the work that we do at Marshall to help protect people in critical situations.”

In October 2019, MADG selected AT&T internet of things (IoT) connectivity to deliver a connected container solution for the Dutch Army.