Cyber solutions firm ManTech International has been selected to advance the US Army’s Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE).

The US Department of Defense has awarded a three-year $21m other transaction agreement (OTA) to ManTech to further enhance and integrate prototype capabilities of PCTE.

ManTech International will manage DevOps for software architecture and control development.

The company will also handle the installation of compute and storage capabilities, and TechOps for planning and execution of training.

ManTech president and CEO Kevin Phillips said: “Selection of ManTech for this latest stage of the prototype process demonstrates army’s confidence in our bringing digital the mission across the full spectrum of PCTE requirements.

“ManTech is the only government services contractor chosen to handle DevOps, installation, and Tech Ops for simultaneously training American cyberwarriors worldwide.”

In April, the firm announced that it was chosen to continue to develop a prototype for the PCTE platform.

The company is partnering with cyber companies APTIMA, SCYTHE and Ultimate Knowledge Institute.

While APTIMA will offer its training assessment expertise, ManTech will leverage SCYTHE’s cyberattack ingenuity and Ultimate Knowledge Institute’s dashboard creativity.

“In April, the firm announced that it was chosen to continue to develop a prototype for the PCTE platform.”

The DoD also selected two other companies for prototype development. The three companies will work collaboratively to support the definition, development, testing and integration of advanced capabilities into the prototype PCTE platform.

Prototype work involves ‘Cyber Innovation Challenges’, to be conducted at the army’s PCTE DevOps Center in Orlando, Florida, US.

The army’s PCTE is a virtual training platform that will enable full-spectrum training for cyber mission forces.

It uses automated tools to simulate realistic threats and offers an opportunity for personnel to improve performance.