MADG delivers 500th container system to Netherlands Armed Forces

May 28, 2021 (Last Updated May 28th, 2021 11:29)

MADG is producing and supplying container systems as part of the Dutch DVOW programme.

MADG delivers 500th container system to Netherlands Armed Forces
Scania Gryphus Vehicle. Credit: Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (MADG) has achieved an on-schedule delivery milestone with the shipment of its 500th container system to the Netherlands Armed Forces.

The company is producing a total of 1,600 container systems to fulfil its Dutch Defensiebrede Vervanging Operationele Wielvoertuigen (DVOW) contract with the Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO).

The DVOW programme aims to modernise the Netherlands Armed Forces with new vehicles, containers and support equipment.

MADG won the contract in late 2018. Its Land Systems business unit is supporting the programme.

The delivery programme will replace more than 2,800 vehicle and container systems in the Dutch military inventory.

According to the company, the 500th container was a ‘sub-variant’ of a workshop maintenance system.

The system is designed to be integrated with Scania Gryphus vehicles and deployed operationally.

The new Scania ‘Gryphus’ vehicles are replacing the DAF trucks under the DVOW programme.

MADG will also provide in-country support for the systems via a maintenance control in their Netherlands office. This support will be provided until the mid-2030s.

DVOW senior project manager Ian Ray said: “We are so proud to deliver these systems for our Dutch customer. It’s been a massive team effort and our focus on keeping up deliveries through such a testing period has pulled us all together.

“All the way from our engineering team, supply chain and supply chain partners, operations, training, finance and commercial to our final quality checks we continue to perform and overcome significant challenges.”

Late last month, MADG integrated the Dutch Armed Forces’ new Scania ‘Gryphus’ vehicles with the first B1-W1-X1 Workshop container system.