Mack Defense has chosen Truck-Lite as a partner to support the supply of heavy dump trucks (HDT) for the US Army.

In May last year, Mack Defense received a $296m contract from the US Army to produce and deliver 683 M917A3 HDTs.

Under the partnership, Truck-Lite will provide lighting systems for the HDTs.

The US-based company is specialised in heavy-duty lighting, telematics, safety and visibility systems.

Mack Defense acquisition programme manager Jack Terefinko said: “To meet the demanding specifications of the US Army, Mack Defense assembled a world-class team of suppliers to develop a best-in-class vehicle.

“That includes working with partners like Truck-Lite, who has years of experience in developing military-spec equipment.”

Truck-Lite will leverage its experience in producing military-spec lighting systems to deliver blackout drive lights, front and rear composite lights and auxiliary lighting to the army’s M917A3 HDT programme.

Truck-Lite military sales director Jacques Baudeloque said: “Truck-Lite has supported the US Army for more than 20 years through the development and release of forward and signal lighting that withstands the harsh environments of defence settings.

“We’re proud to continue our relationships with both Mack Defense and the army to provide the toughest and best lighting for the M917A3 HDT.”

The M917A3 truck is based on commercially available Mack Granite dump truck and features heavier-duty rear axles, all-wheel drive, and greater suspension ride height.

The changes are intended to meet the army’s payload and mobility requirements for the HDT programme.

Earlier this month, Mack Defense formed a partnership with Crysteel Manufacturing to collaborate on the HDT contract. The partnership will provide specialised dump bodies.