The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence’s (MND) Defence Materiel Agency has procured additional missiles for the US-made Javelin anti-tank defence systems.

The procurement is valued at over $20m, which includes $5m provided by the US as financial support.

Systems have already been delivered to Lithuania and will soon be handed over to units of the Lithuanian Land Force.

The Javelin medium-range man-portable, shoulder-mounted system will help Lithuania strengthen its defence capabilities.

Lithuania National Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis said: “The US is Lithuania’s strategic partner and a key ally for security in the Baltic region. The Javelin anti-tank system procured from the US is a particularly significant increase of long-term combat capabilities of The Lithuanian Armed Forces and enhancement of the effectiveness of deterrence.”

“The ‘fire-and-forget’ system is capable of destroying modern, explosive reactor armour (ERA)-fitted main battle tanks.”

The US is a close ally of Lithuania and had signed the Defense Cooperation Agreement in 2017 to enhance partnership, defence and security cooperation between the nations. It also increased the foreign military financing for Lithuania to more than $10m.

In a statement, Lithuania MND said: “The country actively contributes to strengthening security and stability of the Baltic region countries. It contributes soldiers, equipment and finance to the defence of our region.”

Javelin customers include the US, France, the UK, Lithuania, Qatar, the UAE, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan.

The ‘fire-and-forget’ system is capable of destroying modern, explosive reactor armour (ERA)-fitted main battle tanks.

It can be mounted on tracked, wheeled or amphibious vehicles and deployed to conduct missions in urban combat from indoors.

Furthermore, the Javelin missile’s tandem warhead can strike and destroy its target straight on or from the top from an altitude of up to 150m.