The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence has announced the completion of a distance learning course on commander training for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The fourth edition of the course delivered by the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania focused on strengthening battlefield management competencies of Ukrainian cadets and junior officers.

It also covered basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in unit commanding.

Dubbed ‘Troop Leading Procedures in Movement Course’, the initiative is part of the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program.

With English as a medium of instruction, the course is delivered through technology to nearly 30 troops.

Lithuanian Military Academy instructor major Gintautas Razma noted that the course uses demonstrations to guide soldiers ‘on assessing the terrain correctly and to use it for modelling variations of hostile and then friendly force move sequences’.  

Razma added that the course, which was held at the request of Ukraine, highlights the quality of officer education provided by Lithuania.

So far, the Military Academy of Lithuania has completed training nearly 120 Ukrainian junior commanders in battlefield command skills for small units.

Expressing its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the Bulgarian Nation Assembly has decided to deliver assistance to the war-torn country. 

In this connection, Parliament has also given the government a month’s time to propose a package of military and military-technical aid, along with measures to support Ukraine’s economic and infrastructure recovery.

To confirm Bulgaria’s readiness to assist Ukraine, the Parliament also asked the Council of Ministers to hold talks with Nato allies on replacing or bolstering its defence capabilities, allowing an expedited release of its Soviet-era equipment.

It also stressed the need to modernise the capabilities of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.