Swedish company Saab has secured a new order to provide additional ammunition for the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle systems.

The contract is valued at approximately $13.862m (Skr145m).

It has been awarded by the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence’s (MND) procurement arm Defence Materiel Agency.

Ammunition delivery to the Lithuanian forces is expected to commence from next year.

Saab Dynamics business area head Görgen Johansson said: “We are pleased to receive an additional order from Lithuania and are ready to continue to deliver our world-leading ground combat capabilities to the customer.”

The company said that the new order has been placed as part of an existing framework agreement that was signed in January last year.

The agreement authorises Lithuania to purchase both Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon systems, as well as ammunition, from Saab. It is valid for a period of ten years from the time of the initial signing of the agreement.

A similar agreement was also signed previously in 2019 to provide Carl-Gustaf weapons and ammunition to Latvia and Estonia.

Through this agreement, Latvia and Estonia also placed an order to buy Carl-Gustaf M4 rifles from Saab in May 2020.

Latvia further ordered additional Carl-Gustaf ammunition for its armed forces in December 2022.

Carl-Gustaf is a portable, shoulder-launched rifle used by the land forces in a wide range of battles.

The weapon system offers high accuracy rates and is capable of receiving several future advancements and technological developments, such as programmable ammunition and intelligent sighting systems, to meet the emerging needs of the soldiers on the battlefield.

With this flexible weapon system, soldiers can use different ammunition for tasks such as destroying an armoured vehicle or structure, or illuminating the battleground to support night missions.