The US Army has awarded a five-year contract to technology company LGS Innovations in support of the $50m base relocation project.

The Yongsan Relocation Plan Increment 3 (YRP-3) contract has been awarded to the company under the General Services Administration Alliant contract.

YRP-3 has been designed to relocate most US Forces and United Nations headquarters command activities from the Seoul Metropolitan Area in Incheon, South Korea.

Under the deal, the company will be responsible for relocating and upgrading the army’s command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) systems and infrastructure.

“This large-scale project is an extension of our 25-year footprint with the US Army in the Republic of Korea.”

Relocation and modification will be carried out as part of the migration of assets and capabilities from the US Army facilities throughout the Republic of Korea to the US Army Garrison Humphreys.

LGS Innovations chief executive officer Kevin Kelly said: “This large-scale project is an extension of our 25-year footprint with the US Army in the Republic of Korea.

“Recognising the magnitude of the relocation and impact on warfighters, LGS Innovations stands ready to ensure smooth transition and improve capabilities to help the US Army sustain readiness and a strong posture in the country and throughout the Pacific theatre.”

As part of the project, the company will carry out all required programme management, engineering and installation for C4I systems, including inside / outside plant, voice over internet protocol / unified communications (VOIP/UC), cybersecurity information assurance, and fibre-optic sensor alarms.

LGS Innovations has been involved in the US Army’s YRP project since May 2014.

The contract involves the YRP, Land Partnership Plan, and Yongsan Residual and Combined Forces Coalition’s planning, design, engineering and deployment of communications systems throughout the Republic of Korea.