Leonardo DRS has secured a contract for the next generation of US Army mission command computing systems known as the Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II.

Defense Information Technology Contracting Office of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) awarded the contract to Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business.

The contract is valued at $105m.

The modular, scalable MFoCS system supports the US Army’s Network Modernization Plan and fulfils the army’s current and future advanced Mounted Mission Command requirements.

MFoCS systems provide troops with advanced computing and display technology and faster processing performance. It is a family of common computing and display systems that consolidates a wide range of programmes.

The system supports the integration of additional sensors and communications networks.

Leonardo DRS claimed that the MFoCS II system is embedded with leading cybersecurity architecture.

Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business senior vice-president and general manager Bill Guyan said: “We are proud that MFoCS continues to play an important role in the army’s network modernisation efforts to bring users the latest in situational awareness on the battlefield.

“MFoCS is a vital component of the Mission Command suite of integrated capabilities used across the US Army and Marine Corps ground fleets, and our team members have designed and manufactured a powerful, reliable and affordable edge capability that soldiers have come to rely upon.”

Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business has designed and built several generations of MFoCS by closely working with partners at the US Army Project Manager – Mission Command.

The company will utilise its Melbourne facility in Florida, US, for the contractual work.

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, US, Leonardo DRS delivered its 70,000th MFoCS to the US Army last year.