Leonardo has announced that it has secured a $29m contract to deliver new AW119Kx helicopters to Israel.

The contract was awarded by the US Department of Defense (DoD) under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) framework, with the US Army Contracting Command as the contracting activity.

As agreed, Leonardo will manufacture the helicopters at its facility in Philadelphia.

Israel’s Ministry of Defence ordered seven AW119Kx helicopters in 2019.

The contract included a comprehensive training programme that involved the delivery of full flight simulators and other training devices, newly built facilities, and a support package of 20 years.

In a statement, Leonardo said: “The best-in-class single engine helicopter available, the multi-role AW119, has proven increasingly successful in recent years in the world’s defence market, for both training and operational mission profiles.”

The AW119 comes with VFR and IFR capable core avionic systems, and can be used for different operations.

In 2020, the DoD signed a contract for up to 130 AW119s. The helicopters will replace the ageing TH-57 Sea Ranger as the primary training helicopter for the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

So far, 104 units are on order.

The Portuguese Air Force uses its AW119 fleet for training, medical evacuation, troop transport, and other purposes.

To date, more than 470 AW119 helicopters have been sold.

Last month, Leonardo announced its annual results for financial year 2021. The company posted revenues of €14.1bn in the year, up 5% compared to the €13.4bn recorded in 2020.