The Latvian National Armed Forces has installed a new team trainer to hone skills in using Rafael Advanced Defense System’s Spike LR2 and SR missiles.

The SPIKE Team Trainer (STT) was installed by Rafael and EuroSpike, a joint venture between Rafael, Diehl Defence and Rheinmetall Electronics.

Spike LR2 is one of the variants in the family of Spike anti-tank guided weapons with an engagement range of 5.5km, while Spike SR is a shoulder-launched fire-and-forget light missile system to hit targets at a range of up to 2km.

The Spike SR weighs around 10kg, while the LR2 variant weighs 13kg.

The STT is designed to provide Spike LR2 and SPIKE SR gunners, squad and section commanders with a fully-simulated battlefield training.

It will help personnel improve gunnery and command and control proficiency levels by training through all stages of the firing sequence from VIS or IR surveillance of a simulated image up to target impact.

The STT can simulate real-time battle management challenges, as well as different environmental scenarios on a real terrain database to ensure a comprehensive training of the forces with these guided weapons.

The system can also be developed and adapted based on operator requirements such as real threat analysis, fighting doctrine and expected enemy course-of-action.

Rafael Precision Tactical Weapon Systems directorate marketing head Gal Papier said: “The Latvian Spike Team Trainer (STT) is an advanced training facility, which enables training of three different Spike variants, the SPIKE LR (Long Range), the fifth-generation Spike LR2 and the Spike SR.

“The installed training facility will allow the Latvian Army to both qualify and sustain a high level of current and future generation Spike gunners and commanders, enabling them advanced and significant antitank capabilities.”

In February, Australian Defence Force (ADF) announced plans to acquire the Rafael Spike LR2 missile system.