The Latvian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced the delivery of additional military and humanitarian assistance to support Ukrainians.    

Defence Ministry parliamentary secretary Baiba Bļodniece and international military-religious cooperation senior expert Elmārs Pļaviņš handed over the aid package to the relevant authorities during their visit to Ukraine.

The package comprised donations from Latvian companies, citizens, and ‘Entrepreneurs for Peace’ movements, as well as the country’s armed forces.  

The latest assistance includes warm tactical clothing, shoes, and equipment for soldiers, SUVs, and military equipment.    

Pļaviņš said the vehicles delivered to Ukraine will support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard units.

The country also shipped cars to be used by state bodies to enable the transportation of foreign aid to necessary places.

In collaboration with the ‘Entrepreneurs for Peace’, the Latvian MoD is collecting donations worth over €7m.

The package will include military vehicles, body armours, armoured ambulances, binoculars, and night vision equipment, among others, for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Since 24 February, Latvia has delivered over €300m of military aid.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson also pledged additional military and civilian assistance worth $93.59m (Skr1bn) to Ukraine.   

The military aid, valued at $46.75m (Skr500mn), will reportedly include anti-tank weapons, personal protective equipment, and mine clearance equipment.

On the war front, a US Department of Defense (DoD) senior official revealed that Russia is focusing on ‘increasing the size of its military by 137,000 to 1.15m’.

The official said: “This effort is unlikely to succeed, as Russia has historically not met personnel and strength targets.”

“Any additional personnel that Russia actually can muster by the end of the year, in fact, may not increase overall Russian combat power.”