L3Harris Technologies has announced that its Intelligence and Cyber International (ICI) team was selected for the UK’s Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) – Urban Series 2022-24.

Based in Tewkesbury, UK, the ICI team, as one of the participating companies, demonstrated their technology that aims to prepare the UK Armed Forces for various future conflicts in an urban electromagnetic environment (EME).

The company said an urban EME has ever-changing physical characteristics that hamper overall threat detection.

The demonstration was conducted over a period of two weeks.

AWE is a series of annual events conducted by the British Army to provide an opportunity to various industry partners, academics, and organisations to assess and demonstrate their new military capabilities and technologies.

The prototype systems provided by participating stakeholders are used by the armed forces in a realistic scenario to provide their final feedback. 

According to the British Army, this Urban Series 2022-24 has been designed to combine experimentation with tactical functions by facilitating year-on-year development for each focus area, resulting in the final integration experiment.

The AWE features three annually held series, of which first was conducted in November 2022 and the remaining two will be held in autumn 2023 and 2024.

Last year’s series, titled Sustain and Protect, aimed to evaluate how the armed forces can ‘sustain and protect’ themselves in an urban warfare environment

The 2023 series, according to the British Army, will now evaluate how the forces ‘shape’ their allies, adversaries, and enemies to ‘defend’ themselves on the urban battlefield.

Titled AWE Shape & Defend, the series will focus on both information and outreach activities, as well as precision strike and physical and non-physical offensive capabilities.